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          GTA Tile Guy has been established by Volodymyr Gnatyuk and supported by hundreds of happy customers. Our company has been offering tile installation services since 2009 in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our team has a vast amount of experience gained in Eastern and Western Europe and then enhanced by Canadian standards and trends in tile industry. We have been working mainly with residential and commercial clients within GTA area. We differentiate ourselves from other tile guys with affordable prices, high-quality of craftsmanship and guidance throughout the project to make sure that our clients always stay happy and satisfy with our work.

          We provide obligation free quotes and we strive to provide them as quickly as possible so that you can make the right decision on time and line up any other trades that you might have. If needed we can also suggest and bring some creative solutions to your project.

          We also have experience working on unique and creative projects that require even more attention to details, experience and quality. In the recent years we had a privilege to work on such projects as Private Wine Cellars, Tile Photo Mosaic, Hot Tubs and Edgeless Showers.

Experienced to Install

  • Ceramic/Porcelain. This type of tile is created from a mixture of clays that has been pressed into shape and fired in kiln.
  • Natural Stone. This type of tile is usually rough and imperfect. It is typically not resistant to water, which means that waterproof membrane is required.
  • Glass. This type of tile is elegant and luminous. It is often used as mosaics or as focal point on walls. Recently, complete glass backsplash becoming more common.
  • Marble. This type of tile is a natural stone created from limestone that has been crashed and heated by earth for millions of years.
  • Slate. This type of tile is a fine-grain stone created from shale and clay and then heated and pressed together. Surface is naturally slip-resistant.
  • Travertine. This type of tile comes from natural limestone that is byproduct of natural artesian springs, hot springs, caves, etc. It is a porous stone.

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